Created by bestselling author Sarah Williams, Serenade Publishing is a boutique publishing house focusing on teaching the art of fiction writing; publishing well crafted novels; and also connecting like-minded authors and growing a safe and supportive community for everyone to thrive.


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I’m Sarah Williams, bestselling and award winning fiction author. As well as writing, I teach aspiring writers how to craft a compelling, page turning fiction novel that will hit bestseller lists while also making money doing what they love.


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Abbe Bryant

Sarah has always been the go-to for writing and publishing questions within the community. When she announced her course I thought, yay! Now I can pay to pick her brains all at once! She is so inspirational to writers of all kinds of ages and genres. If you could learn just a portion of her processes and what she knows you’d be a better writer.

You will always be my go-to Sarah.

Heather Reyburn

From the very beginning of my journey into writing, I have been lucky to have had Sarah as a teacher, mentor and friend. Sarah’s knowledge of the industry is extensive – not only with writing, but with marketing, audiobooks, social media and publishing. Her help and ongoing enthusiasm are valuable and appreciated. Thank you Sarah!