$27.00 AUD

Series Planner

Who will benefit from this planner?Authors who want to avoid wasting time trying to remember minor details, like the eye color of their hero.

Authors who can't recall information about key locations, like the name of the coffee shop where a meet cute happened.

Authors who desire one place where they can easily find everything they need to plan, organize, write and market their series.

Inside there are sheets for: 

  •  Character building

  • Book building

  • Character names

  • Age tracker…across the whole series

  • Notable locations

  • Reviews

  • Quotes

  • Buy links 

  • And more! 

What People Are Saying:

This planner has saved me from making so many mistakes! I used to forget characters names and eye colours and was always having to go back through previous manuscripts. Now I have it right there in front of me all the time! I love the Series Planner!

Karen D