Have a great idea for a great novel but you just don’t know where to start?

Have you started writing only to run out of ideas?
Are you suffering from self-doubt and wonder things like: Am I good enough or smart enough to write a book?

Feel creatively stuck and don’t know how to move forward. Like something is holding you back?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information and craft books out there?

Have you spent years working on the same story, but still haven’t finished an entire first draft?

You worry that even if you do write a book, nobody will like it so why should you bother?

I get it. I’ve been there! And so have many other writers just like you. Even with the best intentions, most writers never end up finishing their drafts.

There’s a statistic that says 81% of adults want to write a book

but only 3% ever do.


That means that 97% of people who want to write a book never finish.

Why is that?

Without a clear, step-by-step process to follow, most writers get completely lost.

They end up trying to piece together all sorts of information from the internet, craft books, and conferences, to learn how to write a book, but they still can’t figure it out.

And this can be irreversibly crippling.

Trying to write a book (and failing) takes a significant amount of time and energy.

Some writers can spend years working on the same story, writing and re-writing the same chapters but never making any real progress toward a finished draft.

Most writers get frustrated, lose hope, and wind up feeling like they’re just “not good enough” to write a book.

And so they give up on their writing dreams altogether.

You don’t need to have a big following or a writing degree to share your stories. You don't even need 'Natural Talent'. I've worked with people in every stage of life, from different backgrounds and professions who felt called to write but just didn't know how.

I am here to be your personal coach and help you to not only finish your novel but to make it a BESTSELLER!


By the end of this program,

you will…


  • Have a proven roadmap that will show you how to take your idea and turn it into a finished manuscript.

  • Be confident and inspired to write when you sit down at your desk instead of overwhelmed, confused, and full of doubt.

  •  Have motivation and inspiration that will power you forward and allow you to achieve your goal of writing a fiction novel faster and easier than you would probably dare hope possible.

  • Know how to set the scene so that your readers can’t resist being drawn into your story.

  • Know how to create conflict and complications that will intrigue your readers and make it practically impossible for them to put your book down.

  • Know how to develop your story so that everything comes together to create the ultimate reader pleasing ending.

  • Know how to create characters that practically leap off the page and come to life.

  • Know how to craft realistic dialogue that will keep readers in the story and not take them out of it.

  • Know how to avoid mistakes other writers make that kill their stories and sabotage their earning potential.

  • Have a finished draft that you can be proud of.

This course will teach you how to confidently write a story you feel proud of without the crippling self-doubt, frustration, and overwhelm that stops most writers in their tracks. 


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from coaching authors across all genres, and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the high-level theory behind writing a story that works, but how to EXECUTE what you’re learning, too. This program includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to plan, outline, and write a high-quality first draft
  • 10 modules of material, each based on one of the essential components of a writer’s education.
  • Comprehensive video lessons, with audio recordings, slides, and transcripts so you can digest the material in the way that’s best for you.
  • Practical worksheets with each lesson, so you can absorb and understand what you learned.
  • Membership to a private course website so you can access all the materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Group discussion calls, so you can ask questions and connect with other writers in the course.

This digital course offers more than a traditional online learning experience; as well as watching video lectures, you’ll be given exercises to complete. You can also ask questions within the course portal at any time and my team and I will respond.

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Here's a Look at What's Inside 

How to Write a Bestseller: Everything you Need to Know to Write Fabulous Fiction that Sells


Module 1

Bestseller Secrets

In this module, we’re going to take a deep dive into the content genre of your story. I’ll show you how your genre can become the roadmap for writing a story that works and meets readers' expectations.

You will learn:

  • The Supply and Demand Secret
  • Your Ideal reader
  • Stand-alone v Series
Module 2

Bestselling Characters

In this module, you'll flesh out your cast of characters and create your story's setting. I'll show you how to take the required elements of your genre and develop them further so that they feel unique and specific to your particular story.

What you'll learn:

  • Heros and protagonists and why we love them
  • Supporting character archetypes and why we need them
  • How to develop and flesh out a cast of three-dimensional characters
Module 3

Plot Twists

In this module, you’re going to start outlining! Whether you're a plotter or a pantster you should have a rough idea of where your story is going. This module will help you nut out the story arc without stifling your creativity.

What you'll learn:

  • 6 Stage Plot Structure and how to make it work for you
  • What makes a scene 
  • Cause and effect
Module 4

Dialogue & Body Language

Who says what, when and how actions can speak louder than words.

What you'll learn:

  • How to craft page-turning sentences
  • Why you need to show AND tell in each of your scenes (and when to do which)
  • How to handle backstory and exposition so you’re not overwhelming readers
Module 5

Voice and point of view

In this module you'll learn how to create each character's voice so that they become whole, unique individuals. We'll also discuss the different points of view your story can be told by.

What You'll Learn:

  • The difference Between the author’s voice and character’s voice
  • Creating your main character's unique voice
  • Common points of view and which would best suit your story
Module 6

Setting and World building

Whether you're setting your book in medieval Europe, a planet of your own creation or in current time Montana you will need to know your settings and world in depth so it can be understood to your reader.

What you'll learn:

  • How to research efficiently
  • Creating your own world
  • Adding details your readers will love
Module 7

Goal, Motivation, Conflict

How bestselling novels use goal, motivation and conflict wisely and how you can use them to enhance your story.

What you'll learn:

  • Why goal, motivation and conflict is important in making your story the best it can be
  • How to design your goals, motivation, and conflict for each of your characters
  • Build tougher villains, raise the stakes, and increase tension
Module 8


When it comes to actually putting words on the screen there are a guidelines i'd recommend you follow. This will save both you and your editor time (and money) and keep your reader loving your style and staying in the story.

What you'll learn:

  • Passive Vs Active voice
  • Killing cliches
  • Pacing
Module 9

Getting to The End

In this module, we’ll talk about how to make it to “The End” of your draft in the most efficient way possible. This module is all about giving you clarity (and all of my remaining tips and tricks) so that you feel confident and ready to write a satisfying ending.

What you'll learn:

  • Tips for finishing your draft in the most efficient and effective way possible
  • How to troubleshoot the most common issues that pop up as you write
  • How to set up the next book to keep readers hooked
Module 10


Now that you've finished your first draft its time to clean it up. Here we'll go through some techniques and tips to make your manuscript uniform and easy to read.

What you'll learn:

  • A lesson in grammar and punctuation
  • Word v Scrivener
  • Proper industry formatting and what this looks like

Heather Reyburn

From the very beginning of my journey into writing, I have been lucky to have had Sarah as a teacher, mentor and friend. Sarah’s knowledge of the industry is extensive – not only with writing, but with marketing, audiobooks, social media and publishing. Her help and ongoing enthusiasm are valuable and appreciated. Thank you Sarah!

Plus, these bonuses to help you finish your draft quicker:


Bonus 1

Access to a Students Only Community Group (a $497 value)

Our community is full of helpful, motivated, and supportive members who are writing books, just like you. And when you join, you’ll get to be a part of this extra-special community, too. You can pop into the group to ask questions, discuss what you’re learning, and get the help of myself and other students as you make your way through the course.

Bonus 2

Creative Mindset (a $499 value)

In this bonus module, we’re going to focus on your mindset so that you'll be able to write your novel in the most efficient way possible. I'll teach you a few mindset hacks plus some practical strategies that will help you finish every book you start.

  • The #1 reason why so many novels go unfinished (and what do to instead)
  • A mindset shift that will help you write with as few roadblocks as possible
  • Practical strategies that will help you get to ‘The End’ of your draft
  • Meditation and mindfulness exercises
  • How to create a writing habit so you'll never want to miss a writing session
  • What to do when 'Writers block' strikes
  • And much more...
Bonus 3

10 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions With Sarah (a $997 value)

In addition to the incredible group of writers that you’ll get to meet in the private Facebook group, I’ll be going live once a week for all ten weeks answering your questions and helping you move through the writing process so that you NEVER get stuck. Can't attend live? No worries, they will all be recorded for you to watch whenever you can.

Bonus 4

DIY Editing Checklist (a $97 value)

One of the most exciting and stressful times for writers is the moment they type “The End” of a draft. Now that the first draft is finished, what should you do next? Don’t worry, friend! I’ve got you covered with my editing checklist. This will walk you through what to tackle from beginning to end when it’s time to edit your draft.

The end result is a roadmap for writing a piece of fiction that matches the vision you had in your head and that connects with your ideal readers so that it becomes a bestseller!

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I believe so strongly in the contents of this program that I want you to see how life-changing this method can be, risk-free.
However, if you contact me more than 14-days after your purchase, I will not be able to offer a refund.

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"If you are thinking about writing a book, or are in the process of writing a book, I highly recommend you take this course. You will have everything you need in order to get your book out into the world. Sarah gives you the complete blueprint of the exact steps to take." 



Still thinking about it? 

How to Write a Bestseller is PERFECT for you if...

  • You’re just getting started and want to do it right.   
  • You have a GREAT idea for a book—but you don’t know how to get started.

  • You’re SO over wasting time and energy trying all the different strategies you found online or in craft books. You want a proven path to follow so you can finish your book this year.

  • You’ve started writing a draft already, but now you’re feeling overwhelmed, or frustrated with your progress. You’re not afraid of doing the work, but you’re confused about how to move forward.

  • You have a first draft but it’s not great and you want to make it better before submitting it to agents or self-publishing. You’re open to change if it means writing a story that works.

  • You’d rather spend time doing the things you love (with the people you love) than spend your time trying to figure out how to write a book.

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I can't wait to help you write your novel...

As a Bestselling Author and certified editor, I’m passionate about helping fiction authors write, edit, and publish their books. After many years of working with writers one-on-one, I've developed a repeatable, step-by-step process that makes writing a novel feel less overwhelming and more fun. And that's exactly what I’ll share with you in this course.

There’s no fancy jargon. No overcomplicated strategies. Just clear, simple, and effective guidance that helps you finish your novel in the most efficient way possible so that you can finally share your story with the world.

So, if you're looking for a program that can save you time and money—and even make you fall in love with writing again—then, there's no better one than this!

See you inside the program!